What Do They Know?

Isn’t that the question most non-believers think to themselves when a Christian tells them about God or Heaven? “What do they know???” Like they think we are clueless, uninformed about the world and ultimately some uncool person that doesn’t have a life because we are “believers”. Funny how that’s going to turn on them someday when they stand before God. Turns out, we will be the ones “in the know” and they will be left out in the cold…or in this case, on fire. So imagine, on that day, when everyone stands before God, and you are there, you’ve made it to Heaven. Thank God for that you think!! But wait…on the other side is your Mom, your husband, your best friend or your son or daughter. People in your life that you loved enough to lay down your life for. But you never told them about God, or you were too meek or afraid they would think you were crazy or stupid.

Is that the scene you want at the end of your life? Or wouldn’t you rather do everything you could now to get them to see that God’s way is the only way? What if you could actually make a difference in their lives by witnessing to them? Or how about just praying for their salvation every day. Do you talk to God about them? Do you even remember them in your prayers? Hey…do you even pray??

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