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I want this site to become a vibrant Christian community where we can all share our thoughts and questions and hopefully get answers and comments from believers. So many of us don’t have people in our lives that we feel we can talk to when we have problems or issues. Being a Christian is becoming a member of God’s family. We are all supposed to work together and love one another, support and encourage each other, pray for one another and comfort each other. If we all lived the way we are supposed to then we would be in the majority and the world would be a much better place. We can no longer be complacent and invisible. It’s time for us to become the Church family we are called to. How can we be rulers in God’s coming kingdom if we live like the rest of the world is now?

So sign up as a registered user of the site and start posting your thoughts, questions, prayer requests and concerns. Make suggestions on news, music, a church you want us to know about that is doing great things for the Kingdom, or an organization that could use our help. Let’s wake each other up and make sure that we all endure to the end so that we can be found worthy when Christ returns.

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